Cold email for SAAS

From mailbox setup to copy, we generate 3+ quality meetings per month and m-t-m 1.5X these results, forever. 

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No better target then SAAS in a hurry to show growth to investors!

Cold Email


+3 B2B meets x 1.5X scale/month.


Cold e-mail’s about 4 things, mostly:

  • Research. We have AI level research.
  • Copy. Headlines, Subject Lines, Emails… You name it.
  • Getting in the inbox. A striking +40% open rate.
  • ABCDFG testing. 


Cold Email Packages:

One such strategy that has enormous potential to expand your business is cold emailing. Only 20% of cold emails in the software business are opened, which implies that 80% of them go unread as they get lost in the flood of email.

We guarantee 50% + open rate, < 3% bounce rate, spam report rate of 0.01%.

Cold email


Your basic Cold-email service. We search the ideal contacts for you. Find your ICP. Establish demographics + psychographic.

We write scripts for you. 3 different campaigns/sequence of 5 emails each.

+3000 Contacts / 5k Emails/mo


4 weekly reports / 2 bimonthly consultancy meetings


Estimated 3 meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month

Cold email + 


Everything in the cold email package + LinkedIn outreach & LinkedIn profile review + suggestions



+3000 Contacts + Linkedin outreach


+20 connections per day


4 weekly reports / 2 bimonthly consultancy meetings.


AB test for you until product-market-fit.


Estimated 5 meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month

Cold email ++


Everything in the second package (cold email + Linkedin) +

Website review + suggestions,

Creation of a landing page with a contact form + live chat 

+3000 Contacts


4 weekly reports / 2bimonthly consultancy meetings


Adwords ads targeting precisely your 3k contacts lists


40% + closing rate


Estimated 10+ meets/month, growing at a 1.5X rate/month


Trusted By The Best in the Business

”Saastronomic are absolute go-getters and creators of value. They bring people together and make 1+1=3. They are experts at lead generation and creating the most engaging processes of booking calls for clients.’’– Matthew Lukanoff

“Saastronomic services have been very helpful to our business. Our team has improved its cold outreach techniques, email writing, marketing software setup and more. Charles also organises a monthly mastermind session…, which has helped to expand my network and get advice on the challenges I face in my startup. I can highly recommend Saastronomic and its services.

Carl Robinson

Saastronomic CEO, as a consultant, is a fundamental part of our communication strategy with our potential clients, with their extensive experience they helped us streamline and structure our campaigns through a secure and effective communication strategy. It is a pleasure to work with!

Franc Gomez Valenciano

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